• Somebody worked hard to make these. I'm going to take care of them.
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    James Neilson

Somebody worked hard to make these. I'm going to take care of them.

Had a steak dinner Saturday night with the boys.   25 of us get together in the local butcher shop four times a year and we eat all the things our wives don't want us to eat. We drink and make merry and get into trouble the way men in their 40's do.  We're a bit beyond shots of tequila now and our debauchery these days tends more to involving butter, bourbon, tender sous vide beef and Burgundy. 

Victoria is a pretty casual city and since moving here from Ottawa there's about 14 suits and blazers that haven't been coming out a lot for special events.    Most days in this incredible climate the clothes of the day are cargo shorts and a t-shirt.    Had to finally put on a pair of pants for dinner and I decided to wear a good pair of shoes that I had been practicing my shoe shine technique on with the new glacage water dispenser.   I do own a shoe shine company after all.   Laid down a few coats of black and used the water on a  flannel polish cloth to build a really nice mirror shine on some black laceups.  Still love the Angelus black polish.  It works up a gorgeous shine.  

glacage shoe shine water dispenser

One of our local chefs attended that evening.   He dressed up with a blazer, a fedora and a great pair of black leather shoes.    I commented that his shoe shine was first rate.  

"Somebody worked hard to make these.  I'm going to take care of them."   I quite liked that.    There's something to be said for looking after your stuff, and honouring the people who make it for us.    Always great to meet another kindred spirit.   Now I've got to go get my oil changed....


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    James Neilson

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