The Amazing Brift H. Shoe Lounge in Tokyo

We've been getting busy on Instagram keeping up with the world of #shoeshine, #glacage and #patina and one name in Japan keeps popping up in our feed.  Brift H.   

Yuya Hasegawa takes the craft and art of shoe shine seriously.    His Brift H. lounge in Tokyo's Aoyama district has taken the craft of shoe shining to a next level experience in artistry. The attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence is immediately apparent when you see black leather shoes shining like glassy dark obsidian.   His polishing cloth wrapping technique and use of a glass water dispenser for glacage are beautiful to watch.  I love the focus, the immersion in the task, and the love of the work.  This is a master at his craft.  

If you're interested in getting serious about your shine and want to try the water dispenser pick it up here.