About Us

Shinekits.com was started by two guys on the west coast of Canada on Vancouver Island.

We noticed that lately men seem to be taking more care in their appearance and are returning to more classic looks and styles.  At the same time, more men are turning their backs on consumerism and the disposable, throw away society being foisted on us. Guys are falling back on the tried and true methods their fathers and grandfathers used when it came to style and grooming; safety razors and straight razors, suspenders and hats, rolled up shirtsleeves and a return to good quality items that last a lifetime.

As guys who have always loved a great pair of leather shoes and boots and regularly keep them shined, we noticed nobody was selling real quality shoe shine kits and products that would stand the test of time. The things we saw being sold online were generic kits, mostly cheaply made and all containing the same cookie cutter brushes, polishes and cloths from cheap factories overseas. 

We wanted a shoe shine kit that embodied the qualities of workmanship, value and timelessness. Something to give a lifetimes worth of use - something to be passed on to the next generation.   We wanted something made from our region with the gorgeous grains inherent in our abundant forests of Douglas Fir.  

So we set out to put together the Ultimate Shoe Shine Kit. We started by building a unique, North American made hardwood box that would stand the test time of time and make you want to pull it out from under the bed regularly to shine your shoes. We filled it with quality brushes, cloths and the finest shoe polish we could find to bring out the best shine in even the oldest pair of boots.  We even snuck a secret compartment in there because that's what guys do. 

Our mission is to get every guy out there shining his shoes.  We figure that's a little thing we can do to make the world a better place.  We think the kind of man who shines his shoes is the kind of man who likes to see a job done right and puts a little extra care into all he does. We need more men like that in this world.

Join us and shine yer damn shoes.  


Jamie Neilson
Victoria, BC.