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The Ultimate Shoe Shine Kit


Sold by shinekits.com

The Ultimate Shoe Shine Kit


Free Shipping to the US and Canada.  Made by Hand.  Here.

This is a wood shoe shine and polishing kit built to last and pass on.   

Everything you need to ensure years of service from your footware.


  • Hand Crafted Canadian Made Douglas Fir box with a vertical grain
  • 2 Star Brand Brazilian Horse Hair Applicator Brushes
  • 2 Star Brand Brazilian Horse Hair Buffing Brushes
  • 2 Handmade Shinekits Shoe Shine Cloths
  • 3 Cans of Angelus Shoe Wax Polish (Black, Brown and Neutral)
The Box

A beautiful wood shoe shine box hand crafted from Vancouver Island grown Douglas Fir. This is something you'll want your own kids to have one day. 

Our Ultimate Shoe Shine box comes in a golden "honey" or warm "cocoa" stain with a waxed finish and a magnetic clasp to keep the lid shut tight.

Every box features mahogany accented corners. There's even a hidden compartment under the applicator brushes.  

The Polish

Angelus Shoe Wax still uses the original formula created in 1907.  A blend of pure carnauba wax, beeswax and the finest grades of other waxes and essential oils. We tested a lot of polishes and this stuff is the best. 

The Brushes

Horsehair gets the job done right.  The fibers clean and polish the leather. Our brushes are 100% Brazilian horsehair and hardwood.

The Buffing Cloth

The finishing touch. Our own handmade shoe shine cloths. High quality flannel reinforced with distinctive black stitching. The final step to make that favorite pair of shoes look like new again.


  • Length: 13 3/4"
  • Width:     8 3/4"
  • Height:    4 1/2"

 Our kits are proudly made by hand in both the USA and Canada in Lake Oswego, Oregon and in Victoria, British Columbia.  

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